Who we are

We are a locally based Information Technology Consulting Firm based in Mikocheni, Dar-es-salaam, offering unmatched custom-made business automation solutions that align business processes with technology for organizations in various industries. Our thorough research in Software Development (SD) industry in Tanzania uncovered that many IT consulting firms offer out of the box for complex business issues and often times those solutions fail to deliver the desired results. Among other things, we have partnered with our clients and offered powerful custom-made solutions to their business issues and/ or opportunities.

Our company offers high level technology consulting to organizations in private, non-profit and public sectors. This is achieved by helping organizations plan and implement business processes automation strategies that contribute to high business performance. We have performed a thorough industry research in Tanzania and identified a tremendous need in Business Process Automation (BPA); customer & process–centric Information Technology that uncouples business processes into information-technology to give organizations the flexibility they need to create business processes rapidly and cost effectively. We offer applications which strongly ensure organizations’ increasing productivity with powerful and straightforward common sense designs.


“To become a company that provides affordable, easy-to-use, high quality and useful Information Technology solutions to organizations in Tanzania”. 


“To provide Information Technology advisory services & custom software development services from simple to complex and integrated business processes. GPITG LTD will achieve this mission by employing the most talented staff, provide them with the best business supporting tools and associate ourselves with the leading and innovative high tech companies across the World”.