GPITG has identified a strong demand in custom made software solutions for complex business issues in Tanzania. Most out of the box PC or web based software products available in the market today do not necessarily address the needs of the customers, especially in developed economies like Tanzania. Many organizations have not adopted at all or have adopted business systems that to date have proven failures in delivering progressive and profitable results. This has made among other things, the management groups and businesses alike of Tanzania to have no trust on the true right solutions to adopt for the successful operations and processes of their businesses.

This is the gap GPITG is here to cover, by offering electronic solutions that brings real results, quickly and in cost effective manner. We offer custom made web based systems that are browser native, easy to use, maintenance free applications that do not require a fully-fledged team of IT professionals to deploy and maintain.

We have devoted our works into developing customized Information Systems for organizations that will guarantee enhancement in service or product delivery, work efficiency, data accuracy, employees’ productivity, fiscal control to name a few that will contribute to organization’s investments, opportunities and business growth.