What is eHMS?

eHMS is an integrated healthcare management system designed for healthcare facilities looking to enhance the quality of their healthcare services by moving from manual (paper intensive environment) to automated (computerized, paperless) business processes with features ranging from patient reception/ admission, doctor consultations, orders to exit or discharge.

Our eHMS will help hospitals and healthcare centers increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their healthcare services by reducing medical errors, improve healthcare status information and management, save tremendous amount of money by removing unnecessary operational costs & clerical overheads, greatly improve patient care & patient services, improve employees’ work environment, improve employees’ work efficiency & productivity and last but not least improve the whole management of the hospital or the healthcare facility.

This electronic hospital management system offers hospitals a superb end-user experience covering any care delivery organization’s (CDO) administrative and clinical information management tools required to eliminate manual processing and manual processing errors while ensuring the availability of important patient’s information to all care givers at all times. Furthermore, ROI is usually realized within less than 6 months from the time the system goes live. eHMS supports current requirements and offers the flexibility to adapt easily as business needs change.


Why eHMS?